Storage Magazine Lock & Door Service

DAMet Services is now the Authorized Abloy Lock Dealer responsibly exclusively for suppling and servicing the high security registered locks systems that are most commonly used in Canadian explosive magazines. This is a combination of services which include primary tumbler replacement (Abloy), Key cutting and repair of the custom extended keys, Yale lock set replacement, Fixed lock and Padlock maintenance, drill plate review and key control card setup. We maintain in house inventory’s of locks and parts that will allow our service technicians the ability to provide overnight service and possibly same day service on most emergency calls or be on the road to your location to provide the on-site services.

How do you know if a magazine lock mechanism is in trouble?  This list applies to both the primary outside (Abloy) lock and the inside (Yale) lock mechanisms. Here are some signs of potential failure.

  • Does the key enter the lock smoothly?
  • Is there any grinding when the key is turned in the lock?
  • Is the lock binding and require extra effort to turn?
  • When turned does the key seem to catch as if it is going to open or close, then release and turn freely?
  • Look at the key, is there any sign of twisting, bending or is the brass extension becoming loose?
  • Is the key on the inside Yale lock kept in the lock? If so, do the above symptoms still exist when that key is removed? Note: this key should not be kept in the lock assembly.
  • Last but not least, if something doesn’t feel right, it usually isn’t.

Any of the above could be the early warning signs of an impending lock mechanism failure. Often many of these problems can be resolved with a detailed cleaning and service of the assembly. Other times it may require or be more cost effective to change out the lock set or tumbler body. Either way a simple conveniently timed service is far less costly or time consuming then having:

  • A key broken inside the lock,
  • Having a tumbler fail and will not allow you to open the lock or be unable to relock an open magazine door

On completion of the primary tumbler replacement, the customer is provided with of the key control card set and a lock registration/signature form (click here to download the form – PDF file). The customer retains one control card and the second half is returned to DAMet to be filed for future reference and key duplication service. DAMet as part of its dealership agreement with Abloy is responsible for maintaining the lock registry data base. This allows for quicker turn around on key replacement or duplication services.

DAMet Service Ltd. can also provide the customer with information on setting up a key control and control card program that is to be a mandatory requirement of every magazine license holder in Canada.