Contract Blasting

Suited for small projects or small contractor situations. If blasting becomes a requirement to get the job finished and the contractor does not have in house personnel or equipment, DAMet Services can assist in providing custom blasting solutions.  Types of projects may include but is not limited to:

  • Rock and Stump removal
  • Ditch/trench
  • Ponds
  • Foundations removal
  • Silo cleaning
  • Chute cleaning
  • Boiler cleaning
  • Pipe cutting
  • Component Separation (explosively separate parts)Q
  • Special Effects, theatrical, movie, special event (can include fireworks displays)
  • Artificial reefs (Ship sinking)
  • Police Team training

Custom Blasting

Many times the need for a custom cutting or breaking device arises. DAMet has been contracted to design, build, test and operate custom explosive solutions. An example of some of the more unique systems that have been designed;

  1. Power line demolition. Simultaneously cut 11 main power lines plus support cables on both side of a major river due to flood damage of the support structures.
  2. Explosively Component separation of an offshore production platform from its ocean going delivery barge.
  3. Cutting 16 cables simultaneously on a mine abandonment project to drop multiple pieces of suspended equipment in 2 separate shafts.
  4. Sink a ship for artificial reefs, custom fit charges and blast design.